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30 August
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Why I started this journal
I started this journal because i was persuaded to by two separate friends, my life isn’t particularly interesting but hay you’re the one reading a journal about it.

So Who am i then?
Hi I’m Dave and I’m a second almost third year (damm that’s scary its almost over) History degree student, so far my course has seemed to resemble a clinical test of the preverbal ‘skin of my teeth’. You see I’m a tad bit lazy when it comes to essays and things. Also I’m not really that good at History, which you could say is a disadvantage. But hay I’ve made it this far.

I’m 19 until the 30th of August and have been a Christian for about 1 and 1/2 years with ups and downs, however I’m not nor will i ever be a 'Happy clappy' Christian I have my moments but generally I find people who smile all the time scary and difficult to get on with.

I have Blond long hair and am 6 Ft and 1/2 an inch tall, I live in York most of the time but my homes in a rather messy room in elland near Halifax. Well when i say 'rather messy' i mean 'very messy', when i say 'very messy' i mean a its a clinkical hazoerd. A friend once said when visting one room where i was once living that 'he was afraid hed catch Botchulism. but im better now my Room in York looks lived in but your not going to catch a tropical disease from it.

If you’re reading this you’re either a friend then ill talk to ya later I want suggestions on what else I could put here. If your just a random person go comment on one of my posts so I know what you think of me, or drop me an e-mail at dodgyDaveuk@hotmail.com i don’t mind criticism most my friends think I’m a couple slices sort of a loaf anyway,(but then most of them don’t have any room to talk, I tend not to get on with ‘normal’ people) or you could add my hotmail acount to your MSN list im online a fair bit at the moment.

whist not at Uni and at Home at Elland near Halifax, i spend a good chunck of my time playing Warhammer 40k in 'The Shop' as we affectnatly calls the dive we play 40k in.... yes you guessed it very geeky

Best Wishes Dave